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Thursday December 12, 2013 — 1 Comment
Smoke and Mirrors - The Suspicious Deaths of the Bioweaponeers

Smoke and Mirrors – The Suspicious Deaths of the Bioweaponeers

Free Kindle Edition – download for the next three days. (12/12 – 14/12).

“This is a story about a multi-national journalist who becomes drawn into a terrorist plot. It covers the globe with modern power blocks and old cold-war tensions all in play. The tension steadily builds to a dramatic scrambling climax to avoid disaster. This is not a tale of super-heroes. The characters are believable, both strong and weak, smart and mistaken. After about 1/4 of the book, I was hooked and had to finish the book.” 5*****

“An interesting approach to the spy genre that you would think had been written about enough, but I suppose that the fact that the main characters were not Americans per se made it different enough. As a fan of most things British (except the food) I enjoyed the geographical locations and the continent hopping. I would recommend this book to those of my associates who enjoy the spy and intrigue. I love the thought of Ml5 they seem so different from our agencies, maybe it’s just the way they are so “English”. And not to forget the French (who’s food I do like mostly)” 5*****

“This is a great book, and quite fun to read. The plot is certainly plausible in this day and age and the characters are very believable. The story flows well, and I love the how the characters travel throughout Europe. I got a great feel for where they were and loved the interaction between them. The storyline works well and by the end it was hard to put it down.
I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys spy novels, suspense novels, and the like.” 5*****

“Great suspense and intrigue. The visuals provided make you feel as if you are there in every suspenseful moment as Chloe seeks to uncover a threat so close to our world condition today. All the while struggling to stay alive herself.” 5*****

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