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Smoke and Mirrors - The Suspicious Deaths of the Bioweaponeers

Smoke and Mirrors – The Suspicious Deaths of the Bioweaponeers

A huge thank you to everyone who has promoted my book, read my book, downloaded or recommended my book to the point where it is an international bestseller on Kindle in USA UK AUZ CAN FR and it’s doing rather well in India.

The kindness of strangers has help me promote this book via Facebook, Twitter and R/T, Linkedin contacts, and Blogs and reviews have been fantastic.

Alex Wolf did a great review in his blog:

More reviews on Amazon do promote sales so if you were wondering when would be a good time to do this – well… now?

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Madeline Hopkins, my new editor (whom I highly recommend).  We have been taking out little wrinkles in the book and translating it into American! And I thought they spoke English – silly me!

It is free today and tomorrow on a Kindle promotion – and probably the last – next week the book will be available on all platforms.

The paperback is now available from all major bookstores – mostly to order – but the book has been well received and I hope it will be available in store soon.

In the meantime the second book is nearing completion, and I have the book cover which is really great and I look forward to sharing this with you all soon.



Smoke and Mirrors – The Suspicious Deaths of the Bioweaponeers – Achieved Bestseller Status both for Book and Ebook, and is now available in good sellers – on the shelves!

#7189 in Amazon 170314


The story continues. “Death by secret service is the new retirement plan for weapons scientists.” – Now read on…

Smoke and Mirrors

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Smoke and Mirrors - The Suspicious Deaths of the Bioweaponeers

Smoke and Mirrors – The Suspicious Deaths of the Bioweaponeers

Chapter One

Paris – Autumn 2004.

For three whole days, Chloe had listened to Charles’s theories, his paranoia, even his obsession for an investigation into the deaths of biological weapons scientists. There was no reasoning with him, as far as he was concerned there were no accidents, and no reasonable explanations.

Chloe Moreau walked from the Métro to the main office of La France, a leading daily centre-left newspaper. Early morning Paris mist formed droplets on her tan trench coat; she had tied the belt, and would have put up her collar against the weather, had she noticed it. The colours of autumn were vibrant and the promised Swarovski moments of winter had yet to arrive. The traffic noise was muffled, and the only clear sound was the click of her boot heels on the pavement.

William S Burroughs is reputed to have said, ‘Sometimes paranoia is just having all the facts.’ Chloe’s mind was frantically sorting out fact from co-incidence, trying to decide what she would tell her editor and whether to commit to this lengthy project on so much conjecture. In her heart she knew she would, with or without the blessing of her editor; she wanted to know the truth. Turning off the main road, she took a short cut to the office’s underground car park, reserved for senior staff. It would save time, as she wouldn’t have to clear security at the main entrance.

Chloe became aware her footsteps had developed a soft echo. Either she had a stalker, or an innocent pedestrian was following her. She could hear her self-defence coach telling her, don’t rationalise away your fears, don‘t be a victim, plan against an attack. She regretted there were no Tasers, mace or rape alarms in her bag. It was Paris, a quiet tree-lined boulevard off the Périphérique, an area not known for muggers at the peak of morning commuting.

She pulled the cover off her umbrella. Now it could open at the touch of a button, it would serve as a cosh, and although it was lightweight, she hoped it would be enough. She opened her bag, stuffed the cover in a pocket, took out her flat keys and placed them between her first and second finger to act as a weapon. She thought about what else she could use from her handbag to surprise her attacker. Drawing a clown nose with a coral lipstick would be a surprise, but not a defensive strategy. She put the lipstick back.

Chapter continues – Book will be available on Kindle on 17 September 2013 and in paperback on 17 October 2013.