Is It Possible to Disappear Completely?

Wednesday June 26, 2013 — Leave a comment

Is It Possible to Disappear Completely?.

The National Geographic has an article on how to disappear completely. It’s all fairly simple stuff.

Frank M. Ahearn has written a great book called “How to Disappear”. It’s full of basic advice, but if you add up all the advice and can adhere to it, then you’re probably going to be difficult to find. He would know, he runs an agency to help you disappear, and also an agency to help find people who have disappeared. But you have to be pretty determined, and not go back to your home country, or be photographed in a time share advertisement – why do I mention that? Well do you remember the canoe man? It may not have been big news outside of UK – but he does have a wiki page:

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